Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Half the distance, double the rant

I registered this morning for the inaugural 13.1 Marathon Dallas, to be held Oct. 23, 2011 as a replacement for the purchased Uptown Run. I think the actual name is 13.1 Dallas, part of the 13.1 Marathon Series. Either way, "13.1" and "marathon" are next to each other somewhere, and that just drives me nuts. Here I am with a blog named to mock certain clueless non-runners, and I'm up against a national race organization furthering the ignorance. It's hopeless.

Of course, I didn't hold this against anyone when I went ahead and signed up for a race 363 days ahead of time. It was already on my calendar, and since they're selling the first 100 entries for $30 -- thirty bucks for a half marathon! -- there was no point in waiting (I never consider "what if I get hurt" or "what if I have something else going on" because I won't and don't). But at what point did Active.com become Ticketmaster? I might not have been paying really close attention but it seems like Active generally took about 10 percent in fees in the past, maybe a little more. Today: $30 entry, $8 convenience fee. Eight bucks! They do it because they can, but damn that's annoying.

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