Monday, July 16, 2012

Schedule changes

I can't remember if I actually wrote this here or I just mentioned it on Twitter, but I blew up my fall schedule after Old Dominion. I still want to pull off the triple-double (back-to-back marathons 3 straight weekends) and I know I'm capable of it, but it's a stressful undertaking (logistically more so than financially or physically) and after another 100-mile DNF I felt like shedding some stress.

So I wiped it all out. I was only actually registered for Too Hot to Handle (done yesterday) and Santa Fe, so the time was right to rework things. Here's what I came up with (and I am signed up for all these so they are happening):

9/3/12 Labor Day 15K, Dallas
9/8/12 Get Ready to Rock 20 Mile, Minneapolis
9/15/12 Tour des Fleurs 20K, Dallas
9/23/12 Plano Balloon Festival Half Marathon, Plano TX
9/29/12 Run from the Ducks (8 Hour), Weatherford TX
10/11/12 Santa Fe 5K, Dallas
11/4/12 DRC Half Marathon, Dallas
11/10/12 Arbor Day 10K, Plano TX
11/18/12 Big D 30K
11/22/12 North Texas Turkey Trot (10K), Frisco TX
12/8/12 Isle du Bois 50K, Pilot Point TX

There is room for one more that I'll fill in later. It's a much different look than before, with only 1 race out of town (as part of a family trip). And it's kind of a wild mix of distances, with a bunch of shorter stuff than I had in mind previously. The race distances don't seem to have much of an order to them, but I'm not going to worry about it -- no stress, remember? It's odd that I'm going from Big Sur this past April all the way to Houston next January without anything at exact marathon distance, but that's just the way it worked out.

Speaking of Houston, there are a few 2013 races I'm already registered for:

1/13/13 Houston Marathon
2/2/13 Rocky Raccoon 100, Huntsville TX
3/3/13 Sugar Land Half Marathon, Sugar Land TX

What does everyone else have cooking?

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