Monday, November 29, 2010

Taper gladness

I'm a week into my three-week taper for the Tucson Marathon. With the way my race schedule is constructed, it'll be my last real taper until my 50-mile debut next September. So I'll be savoring it.

A lot of folks slip into "taper madness" in the last couple weeks before a big race. As they step down their mileage, they start to panic about whether they've done enough to prepare. They worry that a 24-mile week of training can't possibly keep them ready for a 26-mile race.

Not this guy. I've been training for Tucson for 28 weeks. I've had IT band pain, hip pain, knee pain, a stomach virus... probably some other ailments along the way that I've already forgotten. Two weeks before race day, I'm not freaking out about preparation or whining that I only have 4 miles to run tomorrow. I'm happy to have a little respite from the pounding and the time-suck. Yes, this marathon is a big deal and I'm sure there will be anxious moments later next week, but for now I'm more than willing to put in a quick jog and spend the rest of the day relaxing.

Call it taper gladness.


  1. Taper gladness often becomes taper flabness for me. I'm already up 3 pounds with the reduced calorie burn! Good thing we're out of pumpkin pie now.

  2. Ha, no kidding. I gained 9 pounds last December from all the chocolate around the house... probably not going to get off to a terribly good start this year either, I can tell.

  3. Brian, I was just reading your blog for the first time. We are friends on DM. I am also running Tucson. It's my FIRST full marathon. Excited!!! I am not aiming for a particular time, just want to finish with a smile (if that's possible). What do you think about a 90 min. spin class tomorrow if I take it easy and treat it like an endurance cross train. I don't want to blow out my quads, but not positive if I should do it or not. Any opinions?

  4. If you won't feel it Monday, that sounds like a great idea! Mix in a couple short runs next week, get a few days' rest and you'll be good to go. Good luck!