Thursday, December 2, 2010

The magic word

Perhaps the best way to motivate an athlete is to push him to go beyond his limitations, with maybe a slight implication that you don't think he can do it. It's summed up in one word: challenge. Throw "challenge" at me, and you've got my attention.

And so, I perked up when the e-mail came today from Mellew Productions announcing the Four Seasons Half Marathon Challenge. Starting in 2011, if you run their half marathons in four consecutive seasons, you'll earn an additional medal and tech shirt recognizing the feat (that would be the Texas Half in winter, the Big D in spring, the Hottest Half in summer and the Tyler Rose in fall).

I'm already signed up for the first two (including the Big D full marathon, which counts for this challenge) so it's a no-brainer for me to swap in the last two -- including the full at Tyler -- for a couple other races I had penciled in. There have been criticisms of Mellew in the past -- some justified, some not -- for skimping on the perks, so maybe this is a sign they're stepping up their game.

Since I hadn't yet posted my full 2011 race schedule on here -- though you've probably seen it on dailymile, no? -- here you have it, updated (* = registered):

1/9/11 First Light Marathon, Mobile AL
*1/23/11 Too Cold to Hold 15K, Dallas
*1/29/11 Texas Half, Dallas
2/20/11 Run the Line HM, Texarkana TX/AR
*2/26/11 Cowtown 5K, Ft. Worth
*2/27/11 Cowtown Ultra (50K), Ft. Worth
3/12/11 Dash Down Greenville (5K), Dallas
*3/27/11 Rock 'n' Roll Dallas HM
*4/10/11 Big D Texas Marathon
4/30/11 Wimberley 4
5/7/11 White Rock & Roll HM, Dallas (or whatever they name it)
6/11/11 Dublin Dr. Pepper 10K
*6/18/11 Grandma's Marathon, Duluth MN
7/10/11 Too Hot to Handle 15K, Dallas
7/24/11 (ish) El Scorcho 50K, Ft. Worth
8/14/11 The Hottest Half, Dallas
9/17/11 (ish) Katy Trail 50, Boonville MO
10/9/11 Mother Road Marathon, Miami OK to Joplin MO
10/9/11 Tyler Rose Marathon
*10/23/11 13.1 Dallas
11/13/11 Rock 'n' Roll San Antonio Marathon
12/4/11 White Rock Marathon, Dallas

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