Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Schedule changes

There's been more upheaval in my running schedule, the greatest of which has nothing to do with running. A couple months ago, a thunderstorm induced a power outage that zapped my PC and took with it my entire music collection, a bunch of pictures and, most importantly for purposes of this blog, my notes on upcoming races. My whole daily training schedule was wiped out, along with the ideas of what races I'd be running for the rest of this year and next.

There's a chance I might be able to revive the machine long enough to get everything moved to an external hard drive and then be done with it. For now, let's focus on the running.

Among other things in the last couple months since I posted my schedule, my 50-mile debut along the Katy Trail was canceled because of Missouri River flooding, so I replaced it with a similar race in the same part of the world (although I'll somewhat spoil the preview by saying I'll be very disappointed if I only cover 50 miles). The New Year's Double convinced me to dump Bandera from the schedule, which may have been a wise move anyway given my trail experience.

I have one more slot to fill for 2012, and given that I've scratched two ultras from the calendar, you can be sure that last spot will be an ultra. But the schedule as constructed doesn't leave a really good space to put one, so if I were you I'd expect to see a pretty good rearrangement of things in the back half of next year.

*8/14/11 The Hottest Half, Dallas
*9/4/11 Flatlanders 12-Hour, Fenton MO
*9/10/11 Katy Trail 50, Boonville MO
*10/9/11 Tyler Rose Marathon
*10/23/11 13.1 Dallas
*11/13/11 Rock 'n' Roll San Antonio Marathon
12/3/11 Run Like The Wind 24-Hour, Austin TX
12/31/11 New Year's Eve Marathon, Allen TX
1/1/12 New Year's Day Marathon, Allen TX
1/7/12 Bandera 100K
1/29/12 Miracle Match Marathon, Waco TX
2/10/12 Rouge-Orleans (126.2 miles), Baton Rouge to New Orleans
2/25/12 Mount Cheaha 50K, Oxford AL
3/17/12 Dash Down Greenville (5K), Dallas
4/16/12 Boston Marathon (or 4/15/12, Austin 10/20 (10-mile))
5/13/12 North Trail HM, Dallas
6/2/12 Old Dominion 100, Woodstock VA
6/17/12 Dadfest (5K), Dallas
7/4/12 Liberty 10K, The Colony TX
7/15/12 El Scorcho 50K, Fort Worth TX
8/4/12 Headlands Hundred, Sausalito CA
9/3/12 Labor Day 15K, Dallas
9/15/12 Tour des Fleurs 20K, Dallas
9/23/12 Heels & Hills & Him HM, Irving TX
10/6/12 Heartland 100, Cassoday KS
10/21/12 Waterworks 25K, Dallas
11/4/12 DRC Half, Dallas
11/18/12 Big D 30K
12/2/12 Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon
12/15/12 Jog'r Egg Nog'r 15K, Dallas


  1. Sorry to hear about your PC. That sucks. I like to post my training log online, that way if I'm away from my PC, I can always refer to the online log. At least you are being flexible. Most of the time, that's the way it goes with running. Good luck on your upcoming race, Hottest Half. You'll do great.


  2. If you don't get into Boston, how about Hell's Hills 50K or 50M for another ultra? Beautiful course, I loved that race. It's first weekend in April, in Smithville, Texas (stayed overnight in Bastrop, TX).

  3. Good idea. And I just remembered that if I DO get to run Boston, my plan was to follow up with Big Sur. So there's that.

  4. And it'd be the 50-mile, of course. After Cowtown I decided I will always run the longest course offered at any event.