Sunday, September 25, 2011

This thing needs more content

I've been painfully inactive in the 3 weeks since my 12-hour race, painful thanks to some unspecified injury to my left ankle area sustained in that race (and really secured when I went for a 5-mile recovery jog 3 days later). I took almost 2 weeks completely off from running, took a very short (12-minute) jog Tuesday to see where things were, then went on vacation and had 4 more days off. That put me at about 6.3 miles in 20 days.

Today I finally got back out for 5 miles and didn't feel anything unusual during the run or afterward. My wife had originally guessed I'd broken my navicular bone, but my research found that would require 6 weeks on crutches or in a boot or something to that effect. So I'm guessing that wasn't it. Maybe the vitamin D supplements saved me.

I'm having Lasik surgery this Friday, so that's going to force some more downtime with just another week left before my next race, the Tyler Rose Marathon. I long ago abandoned any intent of this being an A race; now I won't make it a B race either. I'm going to walk the uphills and comfortably jog the rest and be happy to finish the Four Seasons Challenge and put marathon/ultra #8 behind me.

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