Monday, November 7, 2011

Schedule changes

My finish in next weekend's Rock 'n' Roll San Antonio Marathon will mark my 8th marathon or ultra in the last 12 months, good enough for a promotion to Level 2 (or whatever the catchy nickname is for it) of Marathon Maniacs. It'll be short-lived, since the New Year's Double will get me to Level 4.

But the New Year's Double will get a bunch of other people to Level 4 too, and let's face it, that makes me a little less special. I'd reviewed the Maniacs criteria before and always figured Level 6 would probably be where I'd ultimately top out, getting there with 6 marathons in 16 days (3 weekends of back-to-backs). I've decided to reach that goal sooner than planned -- about this time next year.

Of course, this could fall apart if any of these races change dates, but for now here's what I'm going with:

*11/13/11 Rock 'n' Roll San Antonio Marathon
*12/3/11 Run Like The Wind 24-Hour, Austin TX
*12/31/11 New Year's Eve Marathon, Allen TX
*1/1/12 New Year's Day Marathon, Allen TX
*1/29/12 Miracle Match Marathon, Waco TX
*2/10/12 Rouge-Orleans (126.2 miles), Baton Rouge to New Orleans
3/17/12 Dash Down Greenville (5K), Dallas
*4/16/12 Boston Marathon
*4/29/12 Big Sur International Marathon, Carmel CA
5/13/12 North Trail HM, Dallas
6/2/12 Old Dominion 100, Woodstock VA
6/17/12 Dadfest (5K), Dallas
7/4/12 Liberty 10K, The Colony TX
7/15/12 El Scorcho 50K, Fort Worth TX
9/3/12 Labor Day 15K, Dallas
9/15/12 Tour des Fleurs 20K, Dallas
9/23/12 Heels & Hills & Him HM, Irving TX
10/6/12 Heartland 100, Cassoday KS
10/6/12 Arkansas Marathon, Booneville AR
10/7/12 Mother Road Marathon, Joplin MO
10/13/12 Kansas City Marathon
10/14/12 Prairie Fire Marathon, Wichita KS
10/20/12 Frankenthon Monster Marathon, Cedar Park TX
10/21/12 Waterworks 25K, Dallas
10/21/12 Brazos Bend Gator Run, Needville TX
11/4/12 DRC Half, Dallas
11/18/12 Big D 30K
12/1/12 Cajun Coyote 100, Ville Platte LA
12/2/12 Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon
12/15/12 Jog'r Egg Nog'r 15K, Dallas


  1. This is the first I've heard of the New Year's Double races, but I'm very intrigued...the inlaws live in Dallas, so may have to add these to my calendar.

  2. You'll want to do that soon -- as of this weekend there were 20 spots left (of 145) for NYE and 17 (of 110) for NYD.