Saturday, April 23, 2011

Time to kick it up a notch

Well kids, I've gone and done it this time.

I am the first registrant for the third running of the Katy 50, a --surprise! -- 50-mile jog from Boonville to McBaine, Mo., and back on Sept. 10. It's a little bitty race, with just 19 solo finishers last year (after 8 in the inaugural event). But, it should be a pretty ideal spot to debut at that distance.

The course is on a rail-trail so there are no hills, and it should be warm but not hot, maybe going from 60 to 80 degrees during the course of the day. Yes, I'd hope for cooler, but I'll be training for this in Texas in July and August -- 70s should feel almost chilly.

I'll probably toss this out again sometime between now and then, but where I normally take suggestions under advisement, I'll actually be listening this time if any folks with experience running 50s or 100s have tips regarding such minutiae as drop bags, race nutrition, and things of that sort. Much like a full marathon is a totally different animal than a half, so is a 50 to a marathon. I'll consider it a success if I get this thing done in under 9 hours.

With four marathons and a 50K behind me, I am past the point where an onlooker shouting "you can do it" has any effect on me. I know I can finish a marathon. I'll be very excited to take the next big leap forward.


  1. Good luck! If you want to talk to some seasoned 50Mer twitter friends, check out @milanorunner, @jldrunner, @trigolfer, @dorthybitestoto... I know there are more but those come to mind at this second. Hope this helps!

  2. Following all now on the Twitter and the blogs. Thanks!

  3. 50 miles in one day, sounds like fun.

    I think it's funny, people who are not endurance runners will be the first to push me to run a 50 mile race. It's a big commitment. I think you have the right attitude. Finishing a 50 mile race will be an amazing accomplishment.