Friday, February 17, 2012

Injury update & schedule changes

I won't be running this weekend. There was a weekend last October that I didn't run, after having Lasik surgery Friday afternoon. And there was a weekend in September that I didn't run, after injuring myself in my 12-hour race. Before that you'd have to go back to May 2010 to find a Saturday and Sunday in which I logged no miles. I'm not a #runstreak kinda guy, but that's a pretty good stretch in my opinion.

But things are on the right track. By this afternoon I was walking around with hardly any clue that anything was wrong -- I even walked a quarter-mile there and back for lunch after spending the rest of the week just hanging out in the building. I'll credit that to my wife for a superb wrap job last night.

I'm supposed to follow up with an orthopedist next week, but in terms of when I'm back in action, I can probably judge for myself. Hopefully I can get in a good brisk walk of some distance tomorrow and see how that feels.

Now to the schedule. Last we spoke, I had devised a new plan for 2012 that would set me out on back-to-back marathons three straight weekends to earn a promotion to 6-star Marathon Maniac. No sooner had the 0s and 1s been sent through the tubes than a couple of the races in my plan were moved to different weekends than in 2011. Being such an advance planner bit me in the ass.

So, I have shuffled a bit. I would still say October's plans are tentative, but at least these are firm dates for these races (with a look beyond 2012 and yes, I think I'm gonna get back on that horse at the end):

*3/17/12 Dash Down Greenville (5K), Dallas
*4/16/12 Boston Marathon
*4/29/12 Big Sur International Marathon, Carmel CA
5/13/12 North Trail HM, Dallas
6/2/12 Old Dominion 100, Woodstock VA
7/15/12 Too Hot to Handle 15K, Dallas
9/3/12 Labor Day 15K, Dallas
9/15/12 Tour des Fleurs 20K, Dallas
10/11/12 Santa Fe 5K, Dallas
10/13/12 ING Hartford Marathon, Hartford CT
10/14/12 Amica Marathon, Newport RI
10/20/12 Waddell & Reed Kansas City Marathon
10/21/12 Solutia Rock 'n' Roll St. Louis Marathon
10/27/12 marathon TBA
10/28/12 marathon TBA
11/18/12 Big D 30K
12/1/12 Cajun Coyote 100, Ville Platte LA
2/2/13 Rocky Raccoon 100, Huntsville TX
3/?/13 Dash Down Greenville (5K), Dallas
4/?/13 Hell's Hills (50M), Smithville TX
7/?/13 Missoula Marathon, Missoula MT
9/?/13 8-Hour Run from the Ducks, Weatherford TX
10/?/13 Marine Corps Marathon, Washington DC
11/?/13 DRC Half, Dallas
12/?/13 White Rock Marathon, Dallas
2/21/14 Rouge-Orleans, Baton Rouge to New Orleans

The qualification for OD100 is a 50-miler within the previous 12 months. I haven't run a 50-miler, but I have covered 50 miles in 2 fixed-time races. The race director gave the preliminary OK so I will be mailing my registration form in a couple days. If they change their mind and don't take me, well, that will throw the whole thing into disarray because I'll probably then look at something like Heartland, flip the years on Cajun Coyote and White Rock, and go for 6-star Maniac some other time.

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